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Post-Concussion Treatment [Seth's CFX Story] (2015)

Seth came to Cognitive FX after experiencing severe headaches and fatigue from acquiring a few major sports-related concussions.

Post Concussion Symptoms Resolved [Scott's Story] (2017)

After suffering from post-concussion symptoms for 10 years, Scott came to Cognitive FX to finally find relief.

Post Concussion Symptoms Resolved [Ellie's Story] (2017)

After discovering Cognitive FX on Facebook, Ellie had decided to come to the clinic for relief from her concussion symptoms.

Post-Concussion Symptoms Resolved [Soccer Injury] [Molly's Story] (2016)

Molly Poletto
Molly came to Cognitive FX after getting eight concussions from playing soccer. She was informed of Cognitive FX by a classmate. After researching what the clinic specializes in, she decided to give it a shot.