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Your source for everything you need to know about traumatic brain injury and concussions.

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Brain Safety & Care  |  Life After EPIC Treatment

Importance of Drinking Water for Your Brain

Water. Something we don’t really think about until we’re hit with a giant wave of what feels like unquenchable thirst. Then we spend the next few minutes chugging the stuff like it’s the last thing we’ll ever do. And we are all really good at coming up with excuses for why we haven’t had enough water.

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Mental Health Support After a Brain Injury

Letter to My TBI Self

A Tool to Support You in Healing  After you have received treatment, or are feeling better, and are no longer feeling like your concussed/traumatic brain injury (TBI) self, you may find yourself still holding back or saying the words “I can’t.” It was a traumatic injury, sometimes the recovery can feel traumatic as well. You may have had many months while healing from your TBI where you struggled with various aspects of your life, including but not limited to, calling in sick to work because of headaches, forgetting important events, not remembering a word during an important presentation, inability to run on your treadmill due to dizziness, and feeling too tired to take care of your kids. Subsequently, you learned to set limitations for yourself. For this reason, once you’re feeling like yourself again, it can be a difficult transition to the new you.

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Concussion Guide for Survivors, Caretakes, and Loved Ones

Discover a new level of understanding around concussions and how these injuries impact the lives of victims and their loved ones.

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Life After EPIC Treatment

Perspective After Brain Injury Throughout Recovery

Everything Changed After My Brain Injury Past patient, Anna Empey shares her experiences in a series of blog posts including "10 Things I Wish I had known Before my Brain Injury", "Journaling Through Recovery" and here in this post.  I lived with post-concussion symptoms, from two separate brain injuries, for almost five years. It was one of the hardest periods in my life,  trying to make it through each day, dealing with the migraines, and fighting to live a somewhat typical life. My second injury, which was about three years into recovering from the first injury, had pretty intense impacts on my life. I pretty much quit everything I was doing. I had to keep my job and focus on working 40 hours a week, dealing with constant exhaustion and fatigue. I started avoiding crowds and people in my daily life, and, eventually, I stopped communicating much with anyone because finding words was hard. I also lived with light and sound sensitivity along with short and long-term memory problems. At this point, it was hard to see the glass half full, and I pretty much lived like my glass was half empty. 

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