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Anger is a stage in the grief process. Many times when we experience loss, or trauma, we experience anger, irritability, frustration, or even frequent annoyance. Anger is a healthy emotion, one we don’t necessarily like, but it’s not wrong to feel angry. Experiencing anger doesn’t say anything...

Written by the Brain Injury Alliance of Utah 

What is Denial?

Denial is a stage in the grief process. Many times it just doesn’t feel real. We may believe we’re imagining the pain or trauma we’re currently experiencing. It’s a bad dream, a nightmare. We’re in shock and we’re anxious to wake up and go back to our normal reality.

As we start a new year, now is an excellent time to implement a new routine to help you live the life you want.

Not sure where to start? Begin by thinking about these questions:

  • Are you managing your time how you would like to?
  • Are you doing the things you enjoy?
  • Are there other activities you...