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Your source for everything you need to know about traumatic brain injury and concussions.

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Post-Concussion Syndrome & Medications for Mental Health

Concussions may be the hardest form of traumatic brain injury to treat due to the convoluted nature of long-term symptoms and how those symptoms can be misdiagnosed or even undiagnosed.  

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Can One Treat the Long-Term Effects of Concussion?

About a year ago I did an interview over the phone with a sports-talk radio show in Texas. The topic was concussion in high school football (Texas is all about high school football). I talked about treatment for long-term concussion effects and how new therapies are available that can be extremely effective. I also mentioned research that shows treatment effectiveness even when the concussion (or concussions) happened years earlier.

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Concussion Guide for Survivors, Caretakes, and Loved Ones

Discover a new level of understanding around concussions and how these injuries impact the lives of victims and their loved ones.

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What is NeuroVascular Coupling?

Neuro refers to brain cells, also known as Neurons; Vascular means the blood supply or blood flow which is the same as the vascular system; and Coupling means connection. NeuroVascular Coupling (NVC) is the connection between neurons and their vascular supply, which is their energy source required to function properly.

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