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Your source for everything you need to know about traumatic brain injury and concussions.

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Post Concussion Treatment

What to Expect During a Complimentary Consultation?

Cognitive FX offers a complimentary consultation to all potential patients who suffer from a wide variety of things ranging from sports or vehicle injuries to general cognitive decline from other non-injury related factors. To schedule a consultation with one of our Neuroscience Practitioners, simply complete a set of forms online found here.  Once we receive your paperwork, we will review it to ensure your situation is a good fit for our services. For example, we do not treat addiction. We want to make sure that we can help you get better based on your specific concerns and symptoms. We have helped individuals recover from concussions, neurological problems from lead poisoning, neurological problems from carbon monoxide poisoning, along with helping the brain to function better after stroke(s).

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Education & Resources  |  Post Concussion Treatment

fNCI – The Most Objective Method to Diagnose a Concussion

fNCI Beginnings & Research  For over a decade, Notus Neuropsychological Imaging has been researching the human brain and the effects of concussion.  During this time, Notus developed an imaging technology called Functional NeuroCognitive Imaging (fNCI) that examines over 60 regions of the brain, making it possible to objectively diagnose a concussion or mTBI.  fNCI can accurately depict which brain regions are overcompensating for others and which regions are not working enough, giving the therapists at Cognitive FX specific neuromarkers that clarify the severity and extent of a concussion.

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Concussion Guide for Survivors, Caretakes, and Loved Ones

Discover a new level of understanding around concussions and how these injuries impact the lives of victims and their loved ones.