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10 Summer Self-Care Tips
Cognitive FX Team

By: Cognitive FX Team on July 23rd, 2018

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10 Summer Self-Care Tips

Brain Safety & Care

Self-care is something we all forget about—until we push ourselves too far. We want to give you a new perspective on self-care as you continue to enjoy this summer.

Often, we see or hear that self-care is taking a bubble bath or taking a nap, which could be part of self-care for you. These are relaxing, but here when we talk about self-care we are not just talking about relaxing.

Another way to see self-care is taking care of your well-being. When we see the connection between self-care and well-being, we can recognize it as the foundation to have a life we want. This adds a new level of importance to taking care of ourselves and those we love.

When creating a summer routine, here are 10 things to consider incorporating into your life to support you and your family. When we take care of our well-being this makes us available to support others in their well-being as well.

1 - Sit out in the sun, and don’t forget sunscreen. 

The sun provides you with vitamin D, which can help improve your physical and mental health . Even if you only sit for 15 minutes a day outside, it can help make a difference.


2 - Throw water balloons. 

You can throw balloons at something, someone, or just on the ground. Adults don’t typically throw water balloons, so getting out and doing something new and festive can help break you out of a rut. It might also help you release some stress and frustration.


3 - Play with your kids or the neighbor kids. 

Kids see the world so differently than adults. Even taking a few minutes to play a game with kids can be new and energizing. Their innocent way of looking at the world could give you a new perspective about your life or how to approach a problem you’ve been facing.


4 - Fly a kite. 

This may seem like a strange suggestion, but  getting a kite into the air is an accomplishment. Sometimes, even the little wins can go a long way in boosting confidence. Plus, it is a fun, light form of physical activity that could give variety to your exercise routine.


5 - Take a walk in the morning or evening when it is cooler outside. 

Even a 10-minute walk can help release endorphins in your brain, giving your body a break from fight or flight mode and giving you stress release and oxygen as you walk.


6 - Take a trip, even if it is a short trip. Getting into a new space or visiting somewhere away from where you typically spend your time can help you see things newly and give you a break from the mundane.


7 - Read a new book. 

Reading a book might still be challenging, but taking even a few minutes to focus on something other than reality can give you a break.


8 - Go swimming. 

Even if it isn’t swimming laps, just moving your arms and legs in the water can be a stress-relieving, gentle workout. Swimming is a low impact exercise that can help your whole body become stronger.


9 - Call and catch up with an old friend. 

Did you know that speaking with those you love and that you  know love you can help your brain produce endorphins? Talking with loved ones, either over the phone or face to face, strengthens connections and relationships, which is one of the best things you can do for self-care.


10 - Draw, paint, or use sidewalk chalk. 

When you  are creative and use different artistic mediums (chalk, paint, crayons, pencils, etc.), it can help you  use different parts of your brain than you typically don’t use.

The summer can be a busy or a slow time depending on your life and your circumstances. Regardless of your circumstances, being present and willing to take care of you is what will empower you to have an abundance of energy, love, and focus. Your well-being is on the line, so taking a few minutes a day, or every other day, is worth the time needed to support you in your life.

What other things will you be doing this summer in your self-care routine?